Thursday, January 23, 2014


CT TAG 2 USING "THE VAMPIRE KILLER" by Monique @ *Scrapjoy Kits*
I Had a blast with this kit. Making my tag wasn't hard but I had a heck of a time deciding which tube to use. So many possibilities! I hope you like it. I did it with a FTU by Keith Garvey. Although it's free it still needs a license to use it, PTU by Keith Garvey and a PTU by Barbara Jensen. The kit can be found here:

Keith Garvey Tubes can be found here: Garv-Girls PSP tubes

And Barbara Jensen Tubes can be found here: Barbara Jensen Tubes

I haven't made snags for all of them but I do have a few for you. Maybe later I will put up a few from the other tags. Hope you like this one. Please leave me a message and remember "You can not alter these at all" Thanks for stopping by! :)