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Sunday, July 9, 2017

~*~Catch Your Dreams ~*~

©Alicia Mujica- Dream Catcher
New set I made today using a beautiful new Native set of tubes and matching kit.
The tubes are packaged in a PTU set of 3 called 
~*~Special Edition Dream Catcher~*~
The kit is a PTU called
~*~Dream Catcher~*~
You can get both

Please do not take my set.
Below you will find a few Snaggables for your personal use. 
No altering allowed....

Thanks for stopping in....
Have a blessed day and remember
A thank you goes a long ways when you are collecting snaggables...


Sunday, June 25, 2017

Carrie Hogle has a new Book!!!!

Regina De Luporum (Book 2 of new series)
Carrie Hogle
Romance, Drama & Suspense

What's the Queen of Wolves to do with unlimited power, a loyal pack, unmet vengeance, a scarred heart, and nothing but time? Ruling the current world power, by means of the elite Luporum Cubilia syndicate, leaves no room for error or emotion. What do you choose when a lone wolf offers the ultimate temptation at an unknown price? When the pieces on the board are set, the game is underway, and the lines between predator and prey are blurred, the probability of death is high. If the cost is a life, who is going to pay? Regardless of perception, time stands still for no one.

*Warning: If you have read the Willing Surrender Trilogy, this series is darker, gritty, raw & highly emotional.
If you have not read the Willing Surrender Trilogy, this series is written as a standalone...but, if you would like the full relationship history & character evolution, give it a try. (Link Below)
Be sure to add it to your Goodreads list!

Regina De Luporum Series:
Luporum Cubilia
Regina De Luporum

The Willing Surrender Series:
Willing Surrender
Willing Sacrifice
Willing Redemption

Author, Designer, Paranormal Fan, Poetry lover, Coffee Aficionado & Eccentric Extraordinaire. An Anthropology major with the heart of an artist & a gypsy soul. Always mischievous & a little bit bad ;) For an earth sign, I'm kind of random. Mostly I'm the girl with headphones on & notebook in hand.

I may write "romance" but always expect realistic emotions & natural progression. I don't write insta-love & I don't always promise a happily ever after. My characters are flawed & raw, my stories are emotional & will rarely take you where you expect to go.

All forms of art are reflections of someone's soul. Always take time to appreciate the emotions & stories you're continuously surrounded by.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

ATM_PU_ Masks 71-80

I have been playing today and came up with a few new masks for y'all
Personal use only and no uploading to any mass sharing pages, websites, or Facebook groups. You can share the link to my blog in your Facebook groups however... 
these are 1200x1200 pxl.
To save just click and save as...