Thursday, September 11, 2014

Mommo's PTU Tut and CT Tag for Alicia Mujica Designs

This Tutorial is written completely by me and any resemblance to any other 
is purely coincidental and not intended.

Mommo's CT TAG and TUT using  PTU Tube "DRUSILA" by Alicia Mujica Art.
This tube is copyright protected and requires an license to use.
This Tutorial is written with the concept that you have a working knowledge of PSP.
I am using PSP Pro X6 but it should work with any version of PSP.
Lets get started!
Alicia Mujica PTU Tube Drusila
Amy Marie PTU Kit Miss Halloween
Mask of choice or no mask. I'm using WSL_Mask79
Font of choice I used FTU NoteScrawl Font

Here's the finishing elements...
Open new raster 800x800
Element 66 C/P  rotate right Situate to your liking.Apply Magic Wand Tool inside frame. 
Selections-Modify-Expand 10
Paper 3 C/P Selections-Invert-Cut-Selections-Select None. Apply drop shadow
Element 68 Apply Magic Wand inside frame.
Selections-Modify-Expand 10
Paper 6 C/P on element 68 Selection-Invert-Cut- Selection-Select None-Move to bottom
C/P Situate on Raster Layer. Apply drop shadow.
Open PTU Tube, C/P-Resize-Situate to your liking..
Remaining elements: open each C/P and situate to your liking... Apply drop shadow 3, -3, 65.00, blur 5.8 color #000000.
Element 8, element 26, element 29, element 76, element 58, element 19,
element 51, element 11, element 36, element 14 duplicate and situate to liking, element 74, element 57, element 42. 
When you have it situated to your liking apply copyright and watermark. Merge all and save as PNG
Thanks for stopping by. If you use my Tut I would love to see what you do with it. 
Have a blessed day.