Monday, September 8, 2014

Mommo's CT Tag and Tut for Jackie's Jewels

This Tutorial is written completely by me and any resemblance to any other is purely coincidental and not intended.

Mommo's CT TAG and TUT using  PTU Kit "A CHILLING NIGHT"  by Jackie's Jewels.
This Tutorial is written with the concept that you have a working knowledge of PSP.
I am using PSP Pro X6 but it should work with any version of PSP.
Lets get started!
PTU kit by Jackie's Jewels A Chilling Night
PTU Tube by VeryMany Becky
Font of your choice. I used  Once Upon A Time 
Mask I used is WSL_116 Weescotslass Creations
The masks are listed on the right side and it was in the set 061-120. 

Alrighty. Here is my process: 
1: Open new Raster Layer @ 800x800
2: Open paper PP.5 copy and paste as new image. CLOSE ORIGINAL PAPER.
Mask Of Choice or no mask at all if you choose...  Open and choose mask of choice, apply to copy of paper, right click copy merged and paste as a new layer on raster layer.
3: Open tube of choice, resize then copy and paste on raster layer. Position tube to your liking and add drop shadow.
4: Elements I worked with are the following:
JJS_Moon2, JJS_Cloud, JJS_House1, JJs_Grass, JJS_Deadbush,
JJS_Ground, JJS_Fog, JJS_Swirk, JJS_Bats, JJS_Gravestone 1, 
JJS_Gravestone 2, JJS_Cat, JJS_Deco, JJS_Bird 3, JJS_Skull, 
JJS_Spell books, JJS_Broom 2, JJS_Hat....

Copy and paste remaining Elements, re-size to your liking and distribute as you want or match to my tag. It's up to you how closely you follow and execute a tutorial.
Apply a drop shadow to your own liking. I used 3, -2  60.00 @ 5.00 fade in black.
 Re-size to desired measurements. I used 600x600. You may want to sharpen all after resizing.
Apply your credits/copyrights, Watermark if you like and License. Remember to save your tag before adding names. Using font of choice add name using colors of choice or a gradient. Merge visible and now Save As a PNG or JPEG and you are done...
Thanks so much for stopping by and I hope you will leave me a comment when you use this Tut and please, I would love to see any tags you make using this Tutorial.