Wednesday, February 3, 2016


CT PTU Tags ©Alicia Mujica
~*~ Reina de Corazones~*~
PTU Tube #2 of the Valentines Special Edition Caro Cuore.
This is a trio of beautiful tubes and are not available alone. 
This tube works fantastic as a Valentines tube or you can pair her up with 
many of the PTU kits out there for the RED Queen of Alice fame...
This tube also would be well placed with the new PTU kit by Alicia called
Caro Cuore. I will be working her with that kit next. 
I hope you like this tube and my play with her. 
Link for the tube...

FTU PU Extra's. These are my own creations and if you snag please be courteous and leave a comment. Please do not alter, rip or claim these as your own. They are watermarked.


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