Tuesday, July 1, 2014

CT TAGS FwTags Creations

I have some new tags for  FwTags Creations today... I used two kits and did a collab tag with them! These two kits are great for mixing and matching and Claire at FwTags Creations Is ok with this type of use. Makes her kits even more versatile! I just adore the elements in both of these kits and you will too I am sure.
The kits are A Gift For Mom and Countryside Romance and they are both PTU kits available at the following stores:

My tubes are by Keith Garvey, CelineArt, and Arthur Crowe and they are all PTU and require a License to use. Please be respectful of copyright laws... To get these tubes please follow the links below, they are in order of the tags...

I also have some snags for you. Please do not alter these in any way shape or form and that means do not claim as your own or put your name on them! A thank you in the comments would be greatly appreciated