Friday, August 29, 2014

Blog I Heart Award

I received this award from Claire Slack of FwTags Creations and Mary's Designs.
Thank you so much ladies... xoxo

Now I have to give this award to 15 people who's blogs I adore too!
First I am giving it back to my sweet friend Claire for her inspiration and belief in me :) And second I am giving it back to Mary for being so generous and caring :)
FwTags Creations
Mary's Designs
Angelica S.- Digital Art
Cryistals Creations
Whisper In The Wind Designs
Tootypup Scraps
Dees'Sign Depot
Celtic Bairns Posers
Jackie's Jewels
Millie's PSP Madness
Chachaz Creationz
Yes I chose more because I have so very many!!! :)

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